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No Bake Granola

No Bake Granola Do you ever crave fresh granola but you are too lazy to actually make it from scratch? Then this No Bake Granola is the solution for you! No extra steps, just mix together the ingredients and you have yourself delicious sugar free granola. Perfect for toppings on yogurt, smoothie bowls and seriously good for snacking. It is stored in the fridge up to 2 weeks but I promise you the batch will be finished by then.  Ingredients & Method2 cup of oats2 cups of coconut2 cup of dates5 drops of Sweet drops of Stevia in Coconut by Good Good Mix everything together in a food processor and store in a fridge up to 2 weeks.  Granola is...

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Coconut and Caramel Date Balls

Coconut and Caramel Date Balls Are you cutting down your sugar intake but still you have cravings for something sweet? If that is the case then these Coconut and Caramel Date Balls are a perfect option for you! They include no added sugar, just natural sweeteners from Good Good with Coconut flavour. The dates give the balls the caramel texture, furthermore the balls are quite fulfilling so you do not need to have tons. Did I mention that the balls are raw, so there is no need to bake them. They only include few ingredients that you can easily find around your house. Hope you will give these balls a go and join us in the sugar free lifestyle! Ingredients: 400...

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Strawberry Jam Sweet Buns

Strawberry Jam Sweet Buns taste just as good as it sounds. These fluffy, sweet buns have no sugar added to them and include products from Good Good Brand. It only took me about an hour to make and are super easy. They are perfect for your Sunday brunch and are a healthier option to your normal Sweet Buns. Hope you guys try it out! Ingredients Buns: 2 packets of rapid rise yeast1 cup warm water1/3 coconut oil2 and 1/2 cup flour1 cup sugar from Good Good1/2 jar of strawberry jam from Good Good Glazing: 1 cup stevia sugar from Good Good1/2 cup almond milk2 drops vanilla stevia drops from Good Good  Method:Heat the water until it becomes medium warm and...

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Iced Caramel Latte

Iced Caramel Latte When summer comes around all you crave is an ice cold drink. Therefor this Iced Caramel Latte fits perfectly for your caffeine needs and to cool you down during these hot summer months.  All you need is an cooled down coffee or cold brew coffee, stevia drops in caramel from Good Good, ice and your favourite milk.  Take two cups of cold coffee and pour into a large glass full of ice. Add your caramel stevia drops and one cup of milk.  Incredibly easy and delicious. Hope you try it out! 

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